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From wedding photography to gig photography and everything in between, I will give every customer the same high class results every time.  I have a professional yet informal approach ensuring that the clients are more relaxed and able to enjoy their event.

Special offers.


If you book me to do your wedding shots I will do a free pre-wedding shoot at the location of your choice. You will receive two free 7x5 prints.

Testimonials from customers.


 "Gerry goes in where angels fear to tread, granted AAA by many bands, he`s guaranteed to get the desired shot

Check out www.anti-pasti.co.uk for examples of his excellent work".  Kevin Nixon.

"Fantastic quality pictures, patience and attention to detail. Gerald really captures the essence of any photo that he takes. One of the most genuine,down to earth people I've ever had the pleasure to work with".

David Hennessey.

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Have a look at the price list below. 

Will you find cheaper? Maybe.

Will they offer the same professional service.

Probably not. 

Featured shots.


This is one of the many shots that I have had published. For more examples of my work please go to The RECENT WORK section. 



Are we flexible ? 

We can always discuss what the client needs and adjustments to prices can be made.

Do we travel?

I have travelled from my home in Heacham in Norfolk to shoot a wedding in Gloucester. Yes we travel.


My Story


My passion for photography was born through living on the Isle Of Man. With such a rich abundance of stunning scenery and motorsports you could not fail to be drawn into capturing lasting memories through photography.

I moved to England 20 years ago and my passion for photography has always stayed with me. 

My Experience


In my 30 years of photography experience, I have had the privilege to shoot many events and people. Whether I am shooting a wedding or a portrait in an office, you can rely on me to deliver beautiful, perfectly-lit photos every time.

My Photos


I am comfortable with many locations and photography styles. The photograph style may differ from assignment to assignment, but my commitment to quality and craft is unwavering. Please see my portfolio for examples of my work.

Our Services

Event Photography


Whether I am working from a list of must-haves you created, or drawing on my experience, I will make sure we get the perfect shot every time. I can capture the moments you'll want so your event is perfectly preserved.

Session Photography


After choosing a shoot location, l will visit it ahead of time to design a shoot plan. Then i'll spend time walking with you through the site asking questions. And if the site is new to me, I will take test photographs. Family groups, children, band shots, all catered for. 

Landscape shots


Do you have a particular view that you want me to capture? Do you want a lasting memory of that favourite place.  You provide the location and I supply the images.

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